Are Driveways Beneficial?


Sometimes a property won’t have a driveway and this can be the deciding reason you get a place. However, there is potential if you have the right space and conditions. Quite often households have an extra car, which can make it awkward when you’re lacking in space. Having to drive around to find a parking spot when you’ve had a busy day is not ideal. So, by having a driveway you can relax, knowing there is a safe space for your car, that will make it easier for daily tasks, such as moving car seats and carrying in heavy bags of shopping.


If you have a family, then a driveway would be particularly beneficial on a safety level. Living next to a road can be an issue when you’re trying to get your children safely in the car, so having your own driveway would definitely be an advantage. You wouldn’t have to worry about traffic and opening the doors into the road. As well as the relief that your family are happily in the car, you won’t have to worry about your car being damaged by passing cars and the chance of it being stolen will decrease. It will also benefit your car insurance, due to it being kept safely out of harm’s way.


Having a driveway will help raise the value to your home and make the ease of selling it a lot higher. It can sway a sale, so by having one you’re chances are boosted. It helps if it looks great too, so aesthetically a driveway can look visually impressive. As this will be one of the first things a potential buyer sees, this is definitely a plus, call us today for a free quote on your new Driveway in Andover.


The Importance Of Muck Away


Muck away is when professionals go to the construction site and take any waste away. Projects that require demolition and excavation tend to use this service, due to the amount of waste that builds up. However it can be used for other jobs too. Whatever it is used for, it can be financially efficient and an effective solution for your work site.


There are three types of waste that commonly uses muck away. There is ‘inert waste’ that doesn’t decompose quickly (or not at all) which is unreactive. This includes materials such as soils, sands, (things generally found in the garden waste) chalk, rubble and clay. Another type of waste is ‘general’, which is what you would find in the bin at your property. This can be packaging, woods and small supplies of food and glass. ‘Hazardous’ waste is something that is classed as a risk to the public or environment. This could be batteries, asbestos, chemicals, oils, pesticides and other containers containing waste that could be a risk.


Once waste is taken away it will be disposed of safely and carefully at a licensed site, which will have the waste separated by machinery and professional operatives, whilst ensuring that as much waste as possible is recycled. We get rid of all the old debris using muck away wen we build any new driveway and tarmac in Andover.


The Advantages Of Resin Bonding


Resin is used due to the durable, smooth and low maintenance surface it provides. Aggregate can be placed on top of this, due to the resin acting as the top layer. Resin bonded surfaces have the resin already applied before gravel is put down, whereas a bounded surface would have the two mixed together first. Resin bonded surfaces tend to be more financially friendly than a bounded one, but still provides a strong option for a driveway.


An advantage of using resin is that you can choose out of a number of colours, meaning you have more variety. Compared to other choices, having a resin-based surface is generally cheaper. It is also reasonably quicker to fit, taking only a few days. However, this is dependent on the elements. If it is a wet day the glue could be affected, which is needed for the aggregate to stick properly. It is also best to check what sort of resin is used, particularly if you want one with UV protection. In natural light stone can eventually get darker if it is not protected, which isn’t crucial, but if you don’t want that to happen then the resin needs to include it. Maintenance wise, giving the surface a regular clean should prevent moss and weeds growing there, which would be dangerous if left, due to becoming slippery.


If you’re not sure what sort you should get, then it is best you get advice from a professional. Call Test valley paving for Resin Bonding on your Paving and Driveways in Salisbury.


Designing The Garden Path


Designing your garden is a way to let your artistic side shine and although the path isn’t what we think of straight away, it can be a lovely characteristic in the garden by itself. However, it all depends on the visuals and how practical it would be. For instance, do you just want a simple path from ‘a to z’ or do you want an intricate path that winds around your plants and flower pots. If you want something with a bit of a quirk, then this may be the path for you. It has a fun look that will be interesting to see, making the garden seem bigger and giving it an open, arty feel.


If this isn’t for you, then you could do the opposite, by using sharp lines and geometric shapes. This can give the air of sophistication as well as providing practical borders around the area. ‘Stepping stones’ are also an interesting, nostalgic look. This is a good choice for gardens that don’t have as much space, whilst still looking aesthetically stylish. Call for a free quotation for a garden path in Block paving in Basingstoke.


Should You Change the Surface of a Playground?


One reason why you need to make sure a playground is maintained properly, is due to the safety of any children that play there. Any issues with the surface can be a tripping hazard, causing injuries. Any injuries can cause potential issues and financial legalities, as well as less chance of losing wooden mulch if it’s bad weather. Sometimes the surface can be muddy and wet, meaning you can end up tracking dirty footprints everywhere once they’re indoors, causing another slipping hazard.


One reason to change the surface material, is due to constantly paying out to keep it maintained. Resurfacing can be quite pricey, so spending it initially on a longer lasting surface will be financially efficient. A new surface can brighten up the atmosphere and environment, with new colours and materials, such as ‘Wetpour’ (which is a softer material that can decrease the likelihood of injuries and come in a range of colours) and rubber mulch. Although some playgrounds still use bark, rubber mulch won’t blow away in bad weather and doesn’t get rotten.


If you want something other than tarmac or asphalt, then using ‘resin bound gravel’ can be an aesthetic choice with various colours. This has a result that is smooth, as well as having a longer life-span and durability. There are a number of materials to think about, but if you’re not sure, then getting advice from a professional is the best thing to do. If you are considering a new Paving or Driveway in Newbury, call Test Valley paving.


Tarmac Driveways


Tarmac provides great results without costing loads of money, which is a reason why it’s a popular choice for driveway material. Tarmac also saves time with quicker installation and drying.


The time efficient material means construction will be faster, than if it was a concrete driveway.


Tarmac is efficient in protecting your driveway against any weather damage, such as hail, wind and any storms. It is also strong, being able to support heavy vehicles as well as cars.


Although a concrete driveway uses natural materials such as water, and limestone, a driveway made of tarmac is better environmentally, in the sense that it can be recycled and reused. With regular care your tarmac driveway will also look smart and aesthetically pleasing for a long time. For more details on Tarmac driveways in Andover and close by, call us.


Find the perfect path to compliment your property


A well-built and well-designed garden path can be a work of art, and most beautiful gardens have aesthetically pleasing paths which invite you to stroll along them.


Wooden Paths


If a property has wet areas, or slopes, a wooden boardwalk-style path is a good option as it elevates walkers. Wood, rather than stone, is easier to move around as it is lighter.


Brick Paths


Brick built paths offer a lot of flexibility with regards to the shape of your path as they are easy to pattern into angles or curves. Some ideas would be to use cobblestones for an old-world charm, basic matching maroon bricks, or design patterns using different coloured bricks.


Stepping-Stone Paths


Stepping-stone paths can curve around your garden and give a whimsical touch to your garden design. They could lead to special features of your garden such as a water feature or a summer house. They can be installed surrounded by gravel, grass, or mulch.




Some materials used for garden paths include mulch, flagstones, natural stone, concrete, and river rock. There is something for everyone with almost no limit to choosing the materials for your garden path, from the simple gravel pathway to the more elaborate mosaic style. If you require your driveway to be completed in Block paving and you live in Salisbury, call us today for a free quotation.


Residents take matters into their own hands


A small village on the outskirts of Newbury took matters into their own hands this year by digging a fortified trench around the outskirts of their local park.


Residents were angered by the response from Thames Valley Police regarding the recent influx of the travelling community into their park.


After complaints of violence, threating behaviour and blocked driveways, the local council and police were slow to respond to the village’s cries for help.


Holding a meeting in the village hall, residents decided action needed to be taken and agreed to dig a deep trench as a preventative measure.


For paving and driveways in Newbury, contact Test Valley Paving today.


Rural homes depend on oil heating


In the latest review of fuel poverty it is thought that more than 2.55 million households in the UK struggle to keep warm. With around 11% classed as fuel poor, which means they cannot afford to heat their home adequately based on their income.


Rural homes tend to be affected more as there is often no gas supply so oil is the next choice. Unfortunately the cost of oil fluctuates hugely so it is difficult for families to budget for the variations. OFTEC is petitioning the Government to do more to support those affected, especially as a result of the severe winter we experienced last year.


Maintenance is crucial to keep your boiler running smoothly, look for a OFTEC registered Plumber to work on your oil boiler repairs Maidstone or to provide regular servicing or installation.


Landscaping your garden


Undertaking a new landscaping project can be daunting. So many things to consider, not least the type of paving and driveway that you want. Imagine planning a whole new town!


Welborne Garden Village which is planned for the borough of Fareham, Hampshire, is planned to deliver 6000 new homes, a village centre and 270 acres of open space, comprised of play areas, allotments and sports facilities.


Work is already underway on improving the infrastructure with new roads and a railway station in the pipeline.


The proposal includes options for much needed affordable housing. There will be a lot of new gardeners amongst those lucky enough to be able to acquire one of these homes and they will probably be planning their own paving and driveways in Winchester.


Block Paving or Tarmac?


Whether you have a tree-lined lead-up or a pint-sized patch, picking the right finish for your driveway adds major kerb appeal.


Price is obviously a big factor for choosing your driveway but so too is quality, maintenance, aesthetics and the effect on your local environment.


Tarmac is often the cheapest and most functional option but it can have drainage issues if your driveway is not best suited.


Paving stones on the other hand are the most expensive option but do withstand the test of time and traffic whilst giving you a personalised and professional front of property.


No matter what surface you choose, maintenance will be necessary to avoid moss and weeds growing over time.


For tarmac or block paved driveways in Newbury get in touch with Test Valley Paving today.


3D Pavement Art


British artist Joe Hill has been generating attention with his mind-bending 3D art pieces on the pavements of the country.


The artists work has most recently appeared on the streets of London, working alongside the London Waterways Cycle Campaign. Hill designs 3 Dimensional artworks which give the impression of a large hole in the pavement opening up huge and diverse underground worlds.


His work on the pavements of London has helped reduce the speed of cyclists by drawing their attention to a deceptive obstacle. The artist can create large scale canvasses or can work on the humble canvas of a street pavement to create an intriguing and popular piece of design.


In the beginnings of Spring weather in Britain, children should be inspired by Joe Hill’s work and take to the pavements with chalk to create their own masterpieces.


Visit Test Valley Paving in Winchester to purchase your own pavement canvas.


Block Paving a driveway in Newbury


A new block paving driveway always improves the look of a home. Choosing the right company to carry out the work can be tricky. A driveway installed by skilled tradesmen with good materials will last many years but there are many unscrupulous ‘firms’ that will take advantage of others and not provide the result you’ve paid them form.


The best way to avoid this is to look for a company with a long history of good service and quality workmanship. Asking your family, friends and neighbours to recommend someone is a good start.


A local company that will give you a written quotation, spend time discussing your requirements, give you references and show your examples of their work is likely to be suitable.


Test Valley Paving Andover have been established since 1960 and guarantee their work, whether it is tarmac, block paving, asphalt or resin their work and customer services is highly commended, so if you are looking for a quotation to Block pave your driveway in Newbury, call us today.


UK Playgrounds Declining


According to the Association of Play Industries (API), the number of new orders for playgrounds in the UK has fallen to the lowest in eight years in the first quarter of 2014. The members have reported £42 million of orders so far this year, which is the lowest it has been since 2006. In a society when inactivity is a growing concern amongst children, this is a worrying sign.


The API represents British designers, installers, manufacturers and distributors of outdoor play equipment and surfaces and they have found that this is the fourth consecutive annual fall of orders in the first quarter. Following the previous government’s Play Strategy, 2010 saw a high of £198 million in orders. This year’s figures represent a drop of 33% since then. The Playbuilder Play pathway was scrapped by the coalition government in 2013 and it seems that the children are paying the price.


The API is citing a number of reasons for the drop in orders, including local authority spending cuts, discounting and delayed procurement decisions. According to the Chairman of the API, this is a worrying development for the future health of the nation, as well as the burden that inactivity can put on an already stretched NHS.


“The UK is suffering a physical inactivity epidemic which potentially threatens the lives of our children and even generations to come unless we begin to address this now,” said Chairman Michael Hoenigmann. “Reports calling out for a national cross-party, department and sector strategy to solve this situation are welcome but we must take action as soon as possible. It is imperative that the role of active play during a child’s early years is recognised at a policy level.”


It goes without saying that when children get used to an inactive lifestyle, this rarely changes into adulthood and paves the way for illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes as well as causing a general increase in the burden on the NHS. According to Mr Hoenigmann, “there is a strong case in favour for investment in high quality, accessible areas, spaces and equipment for children to play.”


When designing and developing a playground the main factor to consider is safety. There are a number of different safety flooring surfaces which can be used. Some use wood chips, and others, tarmac or a special rubber flooring. Play areas in the home can also benefit from safety flooring to avoid injury to children. Any area where they may be running around or at height can be dangerous and they can be prone to injury.


A paving company can give good advice on the best surfacing to use in these situations. Test Valley Paving can provide quotes for all kinds of paving and landscaping. If looking for block paving in Salisbury, quotes for paving & driveways in Winchester or anywhere else in or around Andover, Test Valley Paving can give a competitive and comprehensive quote. They cover all types of driveways, landscaping, path laying, paths and kerbs, car parks and playgrounds and can offer valuable advice based on years of experience and to make the decision a little easier.


Although concrete lasts a long time, the ground is covered with it, so rain doesn’t run off into the soil and as the water starts flowing off the concrete, it can create problems with drainage and flooding. By using a porous material on a solid base, this will allow water to seep through.


Groundwater is a necessity for many people as well as nourishing deep-rooted plants and trees that is why it is so important to allow your driveway to allow this to happen in a normal way. When planning your new Driveway or path you can prevent these problems by using permeable materials, which will allow the rain to drain away naturally. There are many attractive options available which will permit water to drain into the ground. Some even reduce heat accumulation around buildings.


Housing refurbishment specialist Lovell lands major contract.


Lovell has been appointed to Salford City West Housing Trust’s contractor list, the company will be able to carry out internal and external improvement work with City West who are set to invest more than £100million to improve its properties over the next 4 years, by providing kitchen and bathroom replacements and rewiring, roofing work, environmental improvements and the refurbishment of both high and low-rise apartment blocks. The not-for-profit organisation owns 14,600 homes in West Salford. For quotes on laying driveways with Tarmac in Basingstoke ,call Test Valley today.